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History in the Making

From a crazy idea to reality.

The Tap Truck mobile bar saga continues in Santa Barbara.


About Tap Truck SB

Tap Truck Santa Barbara is owned and operated by the two original owners of Tap Truck USA – Corbin O’Reilly and Taylor Steers. Childhood friends since tee-ball and growing up on the beautiful coastline of the 805, Corbin and Taylor always knew they would someday be in business together. During the Spring of 2016, they tossed around the idea of creating a beer truck for parties. With a great passion for beer and classic pickup trucks, the vision was born for what is now Tap Truck! Taylor (Left) has always had a craving for finding the best local craft beers while Corbin (Right) holds a soft spot in his heart for vintage American rigs. The two combined are excited to be doing what they love most and will never get tired of seeing people’s reactions to the trucks! The rest is history.

Taylor and Corbin began Tap Truck in San Diego, which is arguably the craft beer capital of the United States. Since the start of Tap Truck, the company has expanded to over twenty-five cities throughout North America and is still continuously growing! Thankfully, Tap Truck has now made its way back to the 805 to service Santa Barbara! With a great deal of hard work, Corbin and Taylor have personally restored all of their vehicles within the Santa Barbara fleet. They custom install each kegerator system and thoroughly test each truck’s draft beer systems. They enjoy sanding, welding, and fixing each truck along with selecting brand new styles to add to their collection. Corbin and Taylor are constantly finding old panel trucks to restore and convert to beer trucks – when they aren’t keeping these trucks for their own beer truck fleets, they are being sent all across the country!

Be sure to stay tuned as Tap Truck Santa Barbara develops its plans for expansion! If you’re interested in starting your own Tap Truck Branch in your own personal area, be sure to reach out on our contact us page regarding running your very own truck!

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